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Tapsy Tours
for Families with Kids

Tapsy was born out of the desire to provide families with a brand new service in the travel market: a guided tour with the special aim to encourage kids to fully enjoy a cultural experience.
What do classic tours forget about? Children. Sometimes they get bored with never-ending walks or don’t really understand historical facts, because information is not tailored to them, but just to adults. The secret is having fun: the more they play, the better they learn. Tapsy’s mission is to make a cultural tour become a captivating and stimulating experience. Being educational and contributing to building open-minded and thoughtful little travellers is Tapsy’s goal. 

Learning while having fun: with Tapsy, kids can discover city highlights by learning about history using digital and printed products creating playful and stimulating interaction.Through games and kid-oriented historical references, provided by experienced and kid-friendly staff, Tapsy makes European travels an engaging experience for the whole family. Tapsy goes local. The staff are carefully selected and trained, all are experienced kid-friendly guides and child entertainers providing the best possible experience. 

Tapsy himself attends to the tours. The presence of mascot Tapsy the mole contributes to putting  children into the right mood for the tour: a fun and educational journey to learn more about local culture and respect for people and the environment. To support the game activities, every kid is given a Tapsy Tours interactive booklet and a pencil, and also receive a Polaroid picture at the end of the tour. 

Thanks to Tapsy, guided tours become more captivating and interactive as the tours are developed specifically for children to have fun and learn things about the cities from a brand new point of view. Playing games and participating in activities will help engrave fun facts and the history of the place in their memory. Tapsy operates in 20 different cities throughout Europe.

Waffenplatzstrasse 15, 4500 Solothurn
+41 32.622.22.82
Tapsy Tours
5 most important reasons for families to choose Tapsy Tours:
  1. Extensive choice of destinations
  2. Expert child oriented local staff
  3. Timing and breaks designed to suit children’s needs
  4. Activities to stimulate interaction within the family
  5. Adults can enjoy the tour and relax while children learn and have fun
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